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"Reggae's raw, righteous cinematic masterpiece... the film brims with immortal footage... Rockers is superior." - Peter Relic, Rolling Stone "One of the most enjoyable musical monies of all time, with a point to make and the sound to drive it home..." - Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine "Radiates energy, but what really makes it great are the performances…" - Tom Bryant, Mojo The golden age of reggae in all its ganja-fueled glory! Filled with star-studded cameos from reggae music pioneers including Burning Spear Peter Tosh and Gregory Isaacs. Rockers stars Jamaican drumming legend Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace as a poor musician struggling to survive in the streets of Kingston in the 70s Starring: Leroy "Horsemouih" Wallace Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall Jacob Miller Gregory Isaacs Burning Spear Kiddus 1 Robbie Shakespeare Manley "Big Youth" Buchanan Featuring Songs By: Burning Spear Peter Tosh Bunny Wailer Third World Jacob Miller & Inner Circle Tne Heptones Gregory Isaacs Junior Murvin The Abyssinians
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