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This is my story. I lived it. I felt it. I wrote it at great expense so you could feel my pain firsthand. I tell you how I was irresistibly drawn to the invisible magnetism surrounding the world of legalized gambling, how its deceptive charm captured my interest to the detriment of everything wholesome. You?ll see how I found a safe passage out of my self-imposed world of despair and desolation through the help of my loving family and a special group of people. Although this book is about the subtle, addictive nature of the video poker machines, I?ve also included my experience with blackjack to show how my natural interest in ?systems and procedures? got me started in gambling and how it related to my eventual infatuation with video poker. Most who read this have no doubt developed gambling systems of their own. Mine will, at times, appear ridiculous or simple. How good or bad they were is not the point. What counts is how my infatuation with them drove me deeper and deeper into my compulsion. All information contained in the book came from personal observations while gambling. I?ve never worked for a casino or a video poker manufacturer. I have no inside information to offer. I can?t help anyone to beat the machines and win their money back. I hope I can help someone beat a compulsion and win their life back.

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