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Are we heading for a spiritual transformation of humanity? In this extraordinary work, author Don Durrett presents a near-term future where America is embarking on a complete transformation of society. Spirit Club is the story of John Randall, a New Age writer-lecturer, who is living with a small New Age community in 2015. The economy has collapsed and most of the states have seceded from the union. A new security force, called the Multiple Jurisdictional Task Force (MJTF) is terrorizing the public. In the midst of this disorder, New Age spirituality is expanding. John travels to California, Oregon, and Colorado spreading New Age ideas. His topics include an array of New Age concepts. The focus of his lectures is on our divinity, and by 2015 people are ready to accept this belief. Once people begin to believe in their inherent divinity, the ego is marginalized and love begins to flourish. The Spirit Club begins serendipitously after John returns from one of his speaking trips. This spirituality club becomes the basis for spreading New Age ideas throughout Arizona and beyond. It is the nascent beginning of a new era when love becomes the new foundation for humanity.

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