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Contents:IntroductionRevising the Canon: Italian Women Writers/Maria O. MarottiPart I: Canon Formation/Canon RevisionWomen Writers and the Canon in Contemporary Italy/JoAnn CannonFrom One Closet to Another? Feminism, Literary Archaeology, and the Canon/Beverly AllenItalian "Difference Theory": A New Canon?/Renate HolubPart II: Renaissance Women: Rethinking the CanonRenaissance Women Defending Women: Arguments Against Patriarchy/Constance JordanSelling the Self, or the Epistolary Production of Renaissance Courtesans/Fiora A. BassanesePart III: At the Turn of the Century: Women Writers at the Margins of the CanonDouble Marginality: Matilde Serao and the Politics of Ambiguity/Nancy HarrowitzThe Diaries of Sibilla Aleramo: Constructing Female Subjectivity/Bernadette LucianoNarrative Voice and the Regional Experience: Redefining Female Images in the Works of Maria Messina/Elise MagistroPart IV: Contemporary Women Writers: Toward a New CanonBrushing Benjamin Against the Grain: Elsa Morante and the "Jetzeit" of Marginal History/Maurizia BoscagliFrom Genealogy to Gynealogy and Beyond: Fausta Cialente's Le Quattro Ragazze Wieselberger/Graziella ParatiEthnic Matriarchy: Fabrizia Ramondino's Neapolitan World/Maria Ornella MarottiMythic Revisionism: Women Poets and Philosophers in Italy Today/Lucia RePart V: Women as Filmmakers: Images of Women/Images by Women/Images for WomenMonica Vitti: The Image and the Word/Marga Cottino-JonesSignifying the Holocaust: Liliana...
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