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2m clip and magnet dual purpose usb endoscope cctv monitor купить по лучшей цене

Designed to get visual image or video from somewhere one can not get in, this endoscope is right here for you. With the Micro USB and USB 2 in 1 port, you can connect this waterproof endoscope directly to your Android smart phone(supports OTG function) or your computers. With App control, you can use it to take photos or record videos when necessary. Features USB and Micro USB port 2 in 1 design. Support Android phones and tablets supporting OTG and UVC functions, computers with Windows OS. Flexible and easy to switch and control, suitable for different situations. IP67 waterproof level, no more fear of water and rain. Built-in 6 LED lights for dark environment lighting. Specification Product Type Endoscope Cable Length 1m/2m/5m(optional) Camera Diameter 7mm Camera Pixel 1.3MP Resolution 640 x 480, 1-24 x 720(VGA) at 30FPS Len Angle 67° LED 6 adjustable LED lights SF Sight Distance 3cm-6cm Lens Waterproof Level IP67 Working Temperature -10-120°C Product Weight 32.8g(1m), 60.6g(2m), 96.4g(5m) Compatible OS Android phone, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Window 7, Windows 8 Package Contents 1 x Endoscope, 1 x Hook, 1 x Magnet, 1 x Side Mirror
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