530 pcs lot 1m aluminum profile for led strip milky transparent cover for 12mm pcb with fittings emb - купить w-servis.ru  
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5 30 pcs lot 1m aluminum profile for led strip milky transparent cover for 12mm pcb with fittings embedded led bar light купить по лучшей цене

The 10 LEDs Infrared Motion Sensor Strip Light offers you light without the hassle of wiring or having to find a switch. Motion sensor combined with a light sensor allows the light to turn on only when it is dark and only when motion is detected. An adhesive strip with magnetic fields is easily attached to and detached from the lamp body, so you needn't tear off the self-adhesive foam tape when changing the batteries. The sleek low profile design makes it ideal for under cabinet, cove and niche applications. Motion Sensor System Automatically turns on when motion is detected at darkness and turn off after you leave about 20s. Light Sensor Auto-sleep in bright conditions for power-saving. High Quality 10 high grade LEDs offers you comfortable white or yellow light at darkness. Solid State Shockproof and vibration proof design for great durability. Easy to Install Equipped with 3M magnetic strip and the build-in magnet on the back of the Light to achieve easy installation only peel and stick. Application Perfect for cabinets, closets, basement, hallway, laundry room, stairwells, etc. Note: The light is not waterproof, so Do Not install it in place with rain and heavy humidity. Specifications Name 10 LEDs Infrared Motion Sensor Strip Lights for Cabinet Drawer Type Motion Sensor Lights Shell Material Aluminum Alloy Light Source 10 LEDs Light Color White & Yellow (Optional) Work Voltage DC 6V Power 0.5W Work Current 120mA Work Temperature -10~50℃ Sensor Distance 3-5m Sensor Angle Approx. 120 Degree Power Supply 4 x AAA Battery (Not Included) Product Weight 100g Product Size 19 x 3 x 1.6cm Package Weight 120g Package Size 22 x 5 x 5cm Package Contents 1 x10 LEDs Infrared Motion Sensor Strip Light 1 x Use Manual 1 x 3M Magnetic Strip
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