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ABBAmania - that was the name given to the hysterical worship of four Swedes that enthralled Australia during an intense period in the mid-1970s. This phenomenon reached its high-point as ABBA conducted an enormously successful tour Down Under in March 1977. The feverish madness of the tour was captured on film in director Lasse Hallstrom's ABBA - The Movie which remains as one of precious few opportunities to experience ABBA live onstage. In the film we follow radio disc jockey Ashley Wallace as he tries to hunt down the group for an exclusive in-depth interview. Will he make [show more] it or not? Experience the excitement of ABBA's music and the mania that surrounded them in this very first DVD release of ABBA - The Movie! Песни прозвучавшие в этом фильме: 01. Please Change Your Mind 02. Hole In Your Soul 03. Tiger 04. SOS 05. Money, Money, Money 06. He Is Your Brother 07. Intermezzo no 1 08. Waterloo 09. Mamma Mia 10. Lonah Pa Snippen 11. Polkan Gar 12. Rock Me 13. Stoned 14. The Naim Waiting Of The Game 15. Ring Ring 16. Why Did It Have To Be Me 17. When I Kissed The Teacher 18. Get On The Carousel 19. I'm A Marionete 20. Fernando 21. Dancing Queen 22. So Long 23. Eagle 24. Thank You For The Music

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