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adata uc510 usb 2 0 flash drive grey 16gb купить по лучшей цене

The DashDrive Choice UC510 packs durability and charm into a super small and handy profile. It is a highly water-resistant durable device that is ultra-small and easy to carry. The drive body shines with a metallic gleam and the capless design eliminates the need for a drive cap and the related chance of cap loss. Instant Access to Your Files in Any Situation The UC510 delivers data protection with style and flair. Its aluminum chassis shines in color choices of azure blue and titanium. The ultra-small and extremely portable design of the UC510 means that it takes up minimal space when used in a desktop computer or mobile device. Chip-on-Board Durability The UC510 is manufactured through a special chip-on-board (COB) process resulting in high water and impact resistance for the drive.

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