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Colorectal cancer ranked among the top ten most common cancers and happened among man in Malaysia. According WHO, more than 70 % patients of cancer have pain and can be controlled by simple opiods.Pain in cancer can due itself and results from chemotherapy .Many of cancer colorectal patient gets adequate pain management and unrelieved after pain management is given. This research carried out to the Female and male Oncology patient in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Had a permission letter from Pengarah Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Head of Department of radiotherapy and oncology, Area matron and all sisters of Oncology ward. The study was carried out in September 2008 within 1 week from 23rd September 2008 to 29th September 2008.The technique used in this study was a self administered questionnaire. Having consent from the respondents’ .The type of data research is qualitative data: these are collected in the form of words and pictures. After this study done, the determination of difference before and after pain management given was analyze and the study showed pain management still inadequate because the daily functions was interfere. From demographic, pain management was showed that male is the

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