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From Saturday Night Rockin' to Sunday Morning Reconciliation Before becoming a pastor, Jimi Calhoun performed alongside many world-famous musicians, including: Jimi Hendrix / Etta James / Hank Williams Jr. / John Lennon / Elton John /Mick Jagger / The Four Tops / Martha and the Vandellas / Rare Earth / Parliament-FunkadelicIn A Story of Rhythm and Grace, Calhoun weaves together engrossing stories about racial differences and reconciliation from his life in the music world and his life in the church. Reflecting on how he has often found more racial harmony on the stage and in the recording studio than in the pews, Jimi shows what religion might learn from rock and roll.""As an African-American growing up in the 1950s and '60s, Calhoun knows firsthand about the effects of racism. His personal anecdotes about this period are eye-opening, heart-wrenching and exciting. . . . His historical and sociological insights about racism and the civil rights moment are fascinating. . . . Those looking for an unusual perspective on one of the most turbulent times in recent U.S. history will be intrigued."" --Publishers Weekly""I love Jimi's heart. He's written the right book at the right time. This book is a great read!"" --Dr. John, musician""Musician and pastor Jimi Calhoun has accomplished that all too rare achievement--he wrote an absolutely unique book that fills a true need. Artists, especially musicians, have always led when it c...

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