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Have the business of daily life, the pressures from the world around us for Christian marriage to be “modernized” and the terrible decadence of this twenty-first century threatened your concept and practice of traditional Christian marriage? In days like these, we need to constantly remind ourselves and challenge ourselves with biblical concepts. Everything God made is “good,” including marriage, if it is done according to His divine prescription. Marriage becomes a “wreck” only if God’s principles are violated or distorted. Isn’t it time that we understood marriage as Heaven intended it to be?Apart from laying down the biblical foundations for Christian marriage, this book also exposes the things that can build a marriage and those that can break one. Love is not blind. Love illuminates you. Love teaches you to make wise decisions and to plan a marriage that is not only enduring, but also full of happiness and fun for both parties.With his depth of experience as a happily married man and as a pastor and marriage counselor, Desmond Thomas challenges the current religious and cultural concepts concerning marriage, and, in the light of the Scriptures, teaches us how to choose right, plan right and live right within the context of Christian marriage. His years of experience in marriage and in marriage counselling as a pastor on four continents has been put into this book. These teachings will empower you to build a strong covenanted marriage, based on giving each other pleasure ...
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