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Description : Professional AK435 360 degree self-leveling Cross Laser Level 1V1H Red 2 Line 1 Point With 1 perpendicular line + 1 horizontal line, have a clear lightpoint so that it can work even outdoor. (Can see the special bright spot outdoor, line and spot is clear within 8M, but become fade or invisable if the range is too long. By fixed the tripod then rotate the Laser Level, using the principle of two points in a line can draw a horizontal line.) When using indoor, the line and spot will be super clear and if there is still a wall to let the light visiable, the lines will extend as long as they can. Real test shows that it still clear light even reach 15M. Rotate 360 degrees of freedom. Light and practical, easy to carry. With a triangle hole and can be hung on the wall. Automatic find uneven, automatic alarm user when it is oblique. How to use : Set the laser level instrument on the tripod (Can find it in SKU150320) or a stable surface, adjust the instrument. If the instrument is too tilted, out of range (3 degrees) the laser tube will automatically turn off (or if audible alarm). Switch knob clockwise to open the instrument, emitting a laser beam. Turn the instrument, the laser beam toward goals. Gently adjust knob, find work orientation. It will help you draw your colorful life :) When work is over, turn the switch knob counterclockwise, turn off the instrument. With light point designed outdoor environments, provide convenience for the construction. Specification : Light source 5mw laser Wavelength 635nm Straight line accuracy -+2.5mm/5m Line width 60 Alarm mode Buzzer Alarm Product Size 90mm x 92mm x108mm Package Included : 1 x Professional AK435 2 lines 1 point laser level ( Find the AK455(3 lines 3 points) in SKU175695 :) 1 x Quality carry case (Comes in retail color box.) Details pictures :
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