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Beauty Rewind is the essential guide for looking and feeling your best at every age. From skincare treatments to emphasizing best features, celebrity makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian gives readers all the tools they need to age gracefully and beautifully. Featuring stunning photos of women from their thirties to their sixties, Beauty Rewind inspires readers to embrace their inner and outer beauty and celebrate their life journey, finding confidence and joy in the grace and strength each new year brings. Readers will learn: - how to prevent and correct premature skin aging - how to avoid or diminish wrinkles - the best treatments for problem skin - how to use makeup to de-age problem skin, highlighting its best qualities - the best makeup applications, with special tips and techniques for eyes and lips of every age. - advice from experts in areas of overall wellness, including dermatology, exercise, and styling - step-by-step inspirational makeovers featuring real women of all ages and lifestyles

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