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After her life falls apart--her aspirations as a watercolorist in shambles and her love life a ruin--Lucy Bagshaw is surprised but pleased when her estranged half-sister Juliet offers to share her home in England's gorgeous Lake District. Juliet runs a bed & breakfast in the tiny seaside village Hartley-by-the-Sea and she's arranged for Lucy a temporary job as a secretary at the local elementary school. As Lucy battles a loss of confidence after her mother, an outspoken feminist artist in Boston, publically trashed her watercolors, she is drawn to widower Alex Kincaid and his two daughters, who need the love and care of a good woman. Meanwhile, Juliet finds that Lucy's upbeat cheerfulness is reviving her own feelings of anger and resentment toward Lucy and their mother. Juliet's desire for a child and relationship with a local farmer complicate the situation. And when their mother, Fiona, is diagnosed with cancer and needs their help, the two sisters have an opportunity to both support and confront their mother about the choices she made and the love she seems to have withheld. A story of sisters coming together to reclaim their lives, and of a mother and her daughters struggling toward a new understanding, RAINY DAY SISTERS offers humor and heart in an appealing setting.

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