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The research set out to establish challenges which prevented women from advancing to higher positions in print media. The descriptive survey method was used to establish the challenges faced by women print journalists in career advancement. In-depth interviews and survey questionnaires were used as tools to gather data for the study. The data from the in-depth interviews was analyzed qualitatively while the data from survey questionnaires was analyzed quantitatively. The study found that despite being bound by social roles, traditional stereotypes and attitudes that hinder career progression in the past, women print journalists are cultivating a new perspective in regard to their potential and capabilities to work in print journalism field. Therefore, they are gradually advancing in their careers breaking into the senior positions where they get a chance to participate in decision making levels. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that women print journalists should not accept the status quo but embrace the social changes and use those changes as opportunities to showcase their capabilities and abilities to impact the print journalism profession.

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