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This DVD compiles mega-intense T.S.O.L. performances from both the Flipside and TargetVideo77 vaults, circa 1983. Featuring Jack Grisham (Vocals), Ron Emory (Guitar), Mike Roche (Bass), and Francis Gerald Barnes (Drums), this footage clearly defines T.S.O.L. as the founding fathers of vicious grindcore. Grisham's snarling vocals and menacing stage presence are as fierce as can be, as the band plows through 14 anthems such as "Superficial Love," "Abolish Government/Silent Majority," "Darker My Love," and more. This rare footage is a true gem for fans of the band and old school punk alike. Tracklist:01. Beneath The Shadows02. Love Story03. Forever Old04. Man And Machine05. Darker My Love06. Waiting For Your07. Weathered Statues08. Superficial Love09. Wash Away10. Abolish Government / Silent Majority11. The Other Side12. She'll Be Saying13. Code Blue

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