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Safety is the first rule for any engineer''s hand book. And Transport engineering specially Traffic engineering is no different. So, during the design process traffic engineers have to be very cautious about the safety of the network. Not only during design process but also operation stages traffic engineers'' most priority is safety. This book has dealt with the evaluation of safety at a signalized intersection. All over the world amber lights most of the time causes some confusion among the approaching drivers'' mind. That is why Amber Light Dilemma has been a major point of research for the last half century. In this book the writer has tried to focus on the major works on amber light dilemma in the past and then preformed a methodological survey to study the behaviour of the approaching drivers at a specific intersection. Based on that survey some statistical tests were done to represent the behaviour of drivers. At the end some recommendations were made to ensure safety. Those recommendations may be taken as generalized recommendations for any intersection similar to the study site. In some cases the recommendations were universal which are applicable to any type of intersection.
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