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For the very first time, Dr. Yomba is making available the results of his many years of study and research into the inner workings of world economy and the monetary exchange rate. Dr. Yomba brings to life what he terms the "autoregressive structure and predictability in high frequency foreign exchange rates" currently experienced within our electronic trading system as it is today. For the first time ever, Dr. Yomba attempts to help the reader discover a way to rationalize the large body of transactions data inherent within the exchange rate and our monetary exchange with existing data results generated on a daily basis. This book represents a significant and first ever attempt to analyze economic therory in the confines of the market and its continually changing exchange rate. Dr. Yomba provides a unique intellectual and coherent transition between two modeling approaches in his analysis and discovers there is no single statistical model that can be used for all purposes in determining the degree of predictability.
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