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Have you ever been out and wondered what that strange thing in the distance was? How about getting a silver and trying to get it out was it too small? If only we could carry a telescope and a microscope in our pocket! This is a great little gadget that does both effortlessly and its great design is no bigger than a pen. This wonderfully designed pen is great for the pocket and incorporates a telescope with 8 times zoom and a microscope with 30 times zoom. The shell is made from light weight plastics and the lenses are made with high quality glass. It has an awesome retractable design and a great storage pouch to protect it from dust. There has never been more convenient to carry around a multi-tool such as this. You can use it to watch stars and look at insects up close and in their natural environment. Thanks to DX you can get this great gadget for an affordable price. Dx strives to be number 1 in customer service and happily sends out these wonderful gizmos worldwide at no extra charge and delivered to your door. Get yours today and enjoy doing some bird watching or any other marvel you would like to see up close. - Plastic case material - 8X Telescope - 30X Microscope - Retractable design - Comes with leather pouch
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