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Descriptions: Detacher Hook Key Detacher Security Tag Remover Used For EAS Hard Tag This mechanical security tag detacher, also known as the "Sensormatic Hook" is the main component of the Sensormatic AMD-3040 and AMD-3050 detacher units. While the Sensormatic detacher hook is primarily used as a replacement arm, the hook can also be used by hand, without the need of any special devices. Brand Name: DWELL Model: DW-J1 Material: Steel Features: The hook Sensormatic is the internal parts of the handheld detacher Provides a way of detached at base processing, can be used to straight curved pin in hard tags. This product is suitable for the following tag: Sensormatic SuperTag Sensormatic SuperTag II Sensormatic Super Tag III Sensormatic Combo Super Tag SuperTag Mini Tag Sensormatic VST Super Tag Package Included: 1x Detacher Hook New Promotion: Power Tool Parts Come and have a look ,click the Link bellow to get the surprise http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Power-Tool-Parts-c-3078.html
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