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The study on genetic variability and correlation among the different characters influencing the flower yield, seed yield and seed quality of different genotypes of china aster was carried out during kharif season of 2011-12 and seed storage studies in cv. Kamini at the Kittur Rani Channamma College of Horticulture, Arabhavi. The first experiment comprised of ten china aster genotypes. Among the ten genotypes, Phule Ganesh White and Phule Ganesh Purple recorded maximum flower and seed yield per plant. Phule Ganesh Purple recorded higher germination percentage whereas Phule Ganesh Pink recorded maximum root and shoot length and seedling vigour index. Flower yield per hectare was positively and significantly correlated with plant height, plant spread, number of secondary branches and leaf area at genotypic level. Germination and seedling vigour index (SVI) studies showed positive significant correlation with plant height, plant spread, leaf area, 50 per cent flowering, number of flower per plant, flower yield per plant, dry matter production and seed yield. The second experiment was carried out with an objective of studying the influence of seed treatment with fungicides.

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