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ABSTRACT THE FOLK AND THE OLD SLAVIC MOTIFS IN THE 17TH CENTURY FOLK BIBLE OF VASILII KOREN? by Sofia Matrosova Khalil The iconography of the illuminated pages in the Folk Bible of Vasilii Koren? relies on a mix of several sources: Western traditions, Russian Folk Art, and Staroobriad (Russian Orthodox Old Belief) traditions, as well as Old Slavic pagan traditions diluted and filtered through the Russian Folk Art. This manuscript was created at the end of the 17th century and reflects the dramatic changes in the religious, social, and political life in Russia during the reforms of Patriarch Nikon and Peter the Great. This thesis will identify the art traditions of the Folk Bible of Vasilii Koren?, which in the use of Folk imagery and Slavic motifs points to a Staroobriad audience.

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