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This book covers research in the floor vibration field and development a composite concrete floor to reduce vibrations in concrete constructions. Whether a floor is developed as “less vibrated” or “highly vibrated” by the occupants is an interaction of (a) the dynamic properties of the floor and of (b) human vibration perception. This book also concerns floor vibrations, describes the nature of floor vibrations and provides options for avoiding it through design, or in the case of existing buildings, reducing or eliminating it through alterations. In this book describes an investigation into the effects of raised access floors and future works of this area on the vibration serviceability of concrete floors. The development of a new composite concrete floor and modal testing facility based on electrodynamics shaker excitation, which was capable of producing high quality estimates of the modal properties of full-scale floor structures. This was subsequently utilized to determine the modal properties of two full-scale floor structures, first concrete floor with profiles steel sheet (PSS) and secondly concrete floor with PSS and vibration damping compound (VDC).The vibration damping co
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