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free shipping brand new 4ch 720p ahd hd real time recording 128gb sd car mobile dvr video recorder for heavy bus taxi truck van купить по лучшей цене

It is an integration of 4 monitoring and recording, million pixels digital & analog mixed car DVR and wireless data transmission. This 4-channel car video recorder assists you in recording driving route, license numbers, the situation that passengers get on or off the car and what happened when you're not in the car. Adopting high grade industry standard and designed according to the various operating environment in different cars, our 4-channel car video recorder is featured with diversified recording modes, compact size, easy installation, shock & heat resistance and stable performance. A helpful companion for all car owners! Features No-seam recording technology. Compression mode. Support 4CH real-time 720P million pixels AHD input and analog standard definition camera input, or 2CH HD input + 2CH SD input. Exclusive pre-allocate DVR special file system technology. Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation, solving SD card file system collapse, data loss and cannot find SD card and file garbled, ensure the integrity of the data. Support GPS/BD/G-SENSOR. SD card storage maximum up to 128GB. Support IR remote control. Special design of encryption to protect recording files. Support wide range of voltage input from 8V to 33V. It can be completely resist car vibration, dust and other cause data corruption. High reliability aviation plugs. Simple and clear operation menu. Specification Compatible with Apply to all kinds of cars OS Linux Video Compression H.264 Video Input 4ch Video Output 1ch Video Standard PAL, NTSC, CIF, HD1, D1, 720P Video Quality 0-7 levels, 0 is the highest level, 7 is the lowest level Resolution 720P/D1/HD1/CIF, MAX: 4 channels of 720P Preview Support 1 channel and 4 channels preview, support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview Record Mode Auto / timed / alarm trigger / manual recording Audio Compression G.726 compression, 8KB/s speed Audio Input 4CH, aviation plug Audio Output 2CH, front port is earphone port, rear port connects to BNC connector Output Level 1V - 2V Wireless Transfer Built-in 3G network Position Built-in GPS/BD module G-Sensor Supported Voltage Input 8V-33V Voltage Output 12V/2A Power Consumption Normal working
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