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The Nitecore R40 is a complete lighting solution designed to excel in industrial and law enforcement applications. The R40 uses a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to produce 596 yards of throw and up to 1000 lumens of output all while optimizing battery thanks to the included high capacity 5000mAh 26650 rechargeable battery. Use the inductive desktop cradle or wall mount cradle for wireless charging at home or in your vehicle or switch to a USB cable when traveling longer distances. Law enforcement users will love the simple dual-switch operation with direct access to strobe while industrial users will appreciate the improved runtime and ease of charging. Features Utilises a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, max output up to 1000 lumens. A proprietary flat top NL2650DW 5000mAh battery included. Max runtime up to 1000 hours. 3 charging systems to suit different user preferences. 2 charging cradles for inductive charging. USB rechargeable with integrated charging circuit. Precision Digital Optic Technology provides extreme reflector performance. Dual switch design, uncluttered user interface. 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes (Strobe/SOS/Beacon) readily available. Max throw up to 520 meters. Built-in power indicator reports battery level. Quick access to "Turbo" and "Ultralow" outputs. Toughened ultra-clear mineral lens with anti-reflective coating. Aerospace grade aluminium alloy construction. HA III hard anodizing. Waterproof in accordance with IPX8 (2 meters submersible). Impact resistant to 1.5 meters. Tail stand capability. Specifications Brand NITECORE ModelR40 Material Aluminum Alloy Battery 5000mAh Power 15w Light Source LED Lumens 1000 Maximum Range 200-500m Package Contents1 x NITECORE R40 LED Flashlight 1 x NL2650DW Rechargeable Battery (5000mAh) 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Wall Mount Cradle (R40WC) 1 x Desktop Cradle 1 x Vehicle Adapters 1 x USB Cable 1 x Holster 1 x Lanyard 1 x O-ring 1 x Charging port cover
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