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free shipping super wide u shape aluminum anodized profile for led strips with cover and end caps for dual row led strip купить по лучшей цене

Video Descritption: 25CM 5W Dimmable 25 SMD 5152 Super Bright Micro USB LED Strip Lights Then a magical Micro USB LED rigid strip, we use the latest fingerprint technology, will be able to use your fingers to achieve control of USB led rigid strip, LED lights this compact and lightweight, environmentally friendly power, ultra-bright, long not to hurt the eyes USB jack can be placed in any place, business travel essentials. Wattage: 5W Color of Light: Pure White Color Temperature: 6500K Size(cm): 25*1.5*0.9 (L*W*H) LED number: 25 led Application: Standard Micro USB, such as portable power source, notebook, desktop computer, etc. Can put led into a purse, also can hang on the keys, very portable. Instructions for use: 1. Touch Switch Touch the area belonging to the end of rigid strip, the usb led rigid strip will lit as long as you touch the end of rigid stirp, there will be turn off when you touch again. This product has a memory function. If you turn off the rigid strip in the highest brightness, it is the highest brightness when you turn on the rigid strip. 2. Stepless Dimming This section can adjust the brightness of USB rigid strip according to your needs, methods of operation are as follows: When the lamp is lit when long press on the end of the touch area does not let go, the light will begin to gradually darken to your satisfaction brightness when you can let go, when a long press on the back of the touch area again let go, the lights began to brighten, brightness to your satisfaction you can let go. Kindly Reminder: If you would like to purchase warm white super bright micro usb strip light, please click here Package include: 1 x USB Led Rigid Strip
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