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fusion and revision of uncertain information from multiple sources купить по лучшей цене

The fusion of remote sensed images can integrate the spectral information of single sensor or the information from different kinds of sensors. In order to improve the dependability for extracting information, and enhance the efficiency of the data. The image fusion results in a new image which is more suitable for human and machine perception or further image processing tasks such as segmentation, feature extraction and object recognition. The fused image should preserve, as closely as possible, all relevant information contained in the input images.Fusion process should not introduce any artifacts, which can be discarded or mislead the human observer. In the fused image, relevant features and noise should be suppressed to maximum extend. In this work image fusion is between multispectral images and panchromatic images using a discreet wavelet analysis method, with good signal processing and image processing traits and images is reconstructed by using discreet wavelet transform using the fused approximation and details from the spectral and spatial information from the images. A Graphical user interface is developed for image fusion to make the outcomes available to the end user.

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