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This RUIZU A50 Lossless HiFi MP3 Music Player brings you beyond imagination stereo sound feeling, an ideal music patner for adults and kids.  Features RUIZU A50 Lossless HiFi MP3 Music Player, DSD256 24bit/192kHz. Mini size and lightweight design, quite easy to carry with you. Using balanced wheel control system and UI interface synchronization display, you can quickly play song. Using noise reduction before the level of voltage amplification + post-level sensitivity accuracy. High-definition large-screen UI visual experience. Support mobile phone OTG high-speed transmission.(Note: OTG function only supports Android system) Ruizu A50 one hour can be fully charged, can be played continuously for more than 15 hours. Low power consumption; built-in fast charging module. The current amplification of the ear to boost the sound launch, so you immersive, unparalleled. Supports Full format decoding, MIPS + DSP architecture, DAC decoding, 2.5D glass screen, Mobile OTG copy. Equipped with professional DSP + DAC dual decoding architecture, depth optimization of audio lines. Specifications Brand RUIZU Model A50 Headphones Output Power ≥ 80mW Transmission Interface MICRO 5PIN, USB2.0 System Language Support multiple languages Expansion Card Support Micro SD (TF) card to 128GB (not included) Storage Type Flash Memory Memory Capacity NO Memory Screen 2.5 ISP Glass Screen 240 x 320 display Battery Built-in 800mAh battery Operating System Audio Format Window XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 10 Support Format MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, OGG, AIFF, DSD256 Charging Time about 1 hour (using 5V / 1000 mA charger) Playing Time about 15 hours (headset volume 30 screensaver to play lossless music) Package Contents1 x Ruizu A50 MP3 Player 1 x USB Cable  1 x Earphone 1 x User Manual
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