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This book contains the meaning of the Lahoot, the special theory of Relativity-Alberts Einstein Relativity-Equations Derivation, a simple derivation of the relation E=MC^2, the special theory equations, the fourth dimension which is: The time, the general theory of Relativity equations, another eight dimensions, the creation from nothing theory, the derivation of the walk year, the throne of Allah-the meaning of the skies and the earth- An achieved research to find the number of the stars in the milkyway galaxy, finding the distance between the East and the West, the special Relativity and the existance ; which contains: The semiperson model, its equation solution and finding of the speed of the angels and the spirit, finding the speed of things near Allah, Allah see from the point of view of the special theory of relativity (of Einstein)-The proof of the existing of the roads of the sky, the Il Imamalmahdi and the transformation of the sunny years to Lunar and reverse, the achieved research: There are no quantum mechanics, finding the of magnitude of the parsec, finding the speed of the door of the Janna-The-Paradise-Around The Earth, the worlds, Albert Einstein, and science

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