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The specialty of endodontics has evolved and changed over the years like many other dental and medical fraternities bringing it in to the twenty first century with greater precision, fewer procedural errors, less discomfort to the patient. The ultimate objective of endodontic therapy is to perform a three dimensional obturation to prevent reinfection. One of the most frustrating complications to endodontic therapy is vertical root fracture. Gutta percha has been used as the gold standard to obturate roots, however it does not seem to enhance the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth. Recently two challenging strategies have been employed to effectively reinforce the endodontically treated tooth structure. A new material Resilon was introduced as a better alternative to Gutta percha. Also a second strategy was to produce a gutta percha resin coating that is bondable to a hydrophilic methacrylate based dual cured resin sealer EndoREZ. In light of incidence of vertical root fracture associated with gutta percha filling techniques, this study was undertaken to determine the fracture resistance of roots endodontically treated with different resin based adhesive systems.

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