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This story starts in a small town in 1934 during the Depression. Helen's father lost his job with the New York Highway Department and never got over it. After that he did odd jobs and ended up a town drunk. Her mother taught high school English and supported the family during many hard times. After the Depression, WWII began and things got worse. After Helen graduated from high school her grandparents took her and her twin sister to Fort Myers, Florida, for the winter. Due to problems at home, Helen decided to remain in Florida and got married. Her husband was from Alabama and they returned to his home shortly thereafter. Her husband held several jobs but ended up joining the army in 1958, leaving Helen with a three-year-old and a newborn. In 1970, following several tours in Vietnam, he returned and asked Helen for a divorce. Helen's life, with its many ups and downs, is recorded throughout the pages. She recovered from a serious stroke and now she and her husband live with her youngest daughter and her family. She now has time to pursue her hobbies of painting and writing her memories for others to enjoy.

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