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"Dubrovnik & the Dalmatian Coast: Top 10" will lead you straight to the best attractions this stunning region has to offer. Whether you are looking for idyllic sailing routes or historic towns, unspoilt beaches or lively festivals, this guide is the perfect pocket-sized companion. Rely on dozens of top 10 lists - from the top 10 pristine islands to the top 10 museums and galleries and to save you time and money, there is even a top 10 list of budget tips and the top 10 things to avoid. "Dubrovnik & the Dalmatian Coast: Top 10" is packed with beautiful photography and color illustrations, providing the insider knowledge that every visitor needs. Explore every corner of this sensational region using the free pull-out map, plus many smaller maps included within the guide. Your guide to the top 10 best of everything in Dubrovnik & the Dalmatian Coast.

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