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italian shoes with matching bags for party african shoes and bags to match set high quality ladies matching shoe and bag hlu1 8 купить по лучшей цене

This vintage handbook on leathercrafting and shoemaking remains a helpful and practical text for anyone interested in leatherworking and traditional crafts. The guide provides advice and instructions on a variety of leathercraft and shoemaking processes, and also includes chapters dedicated to leather accessories, luggage and upholstery. We are republishing this vintage text in a high quality, modern and affordable edition, featuring a newly written introduction. Complete contents: Leather Crafting; Preface; 1 introduction; 2 Leathers; 3 Leather Tanning, Fatliquoring, Dyeing, and Finishing; 4 Leather Dyes and Finishes (Shoe Dyes and Finishes; 5 Suede Dyes, Cleaners, and Finishes; 6 Gabardine Fabric Shoes, Sizings and Finishes (Cleaning and Dyeing); 7 White Shoe Cleaners and Finishes; 8 Deglazing, Washing, and Preparation of Leathers for Dyeing; 9 Satin Shoes and Dyes (Cleaning and Dyeing); 10 Dyeing and Finishing of Smooth Leather Shoes and Leathers; 11 Cleaning and Dyeing of Suede Shoes and Leathers; 12 Colour Restoring Preparations and Processes; 13 Patent Leathers, Cleaning, Softening, Dyeing, and Finishing; 14 Smooth Leather Cleaners and Polishes; 15 Gold and Silver Shoes and Leathers; 16 Novelty Colours and Finishes in Shoes and Leathers; 17 Leather Coats and Jackets; 18 leather Gloves; 19 Leather Accessories; 20 Leather Luggage; 21 Leather Furniture, upholstery, and trimming; 22 Leather Cements and Glues; 23 Removing Spots and Stains From Leathers; 24 Shoe and Leather O...

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