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Enjoy the ultimate listening pleasure with the SOUND INTONE I60 Headset. The soft cushion pads and adjustable headband make the headphones comfortable for long time wear. And the 3.5 mm jack enables the headphone to work with iPhone, Android smartphone, laptop and so on. The foldable headphones are so portable for travel, work, study and anywhere in between. Features Sealed acoustic design eliminates background noise for enhanced sound clarity. Built-in microphone enables hands-free call. Adjustable headband for comfort and secure fit. Soft cushion pads for hours of fatigue-free listening. Works with iPhone, Android smartphone, laptop. Folding design for easy transport. Specifications Type On-ear headset Model I60 Frequency Range 20-20000Hz Type Wired Plug 3.5mm Length 1.5m Mic YES Package Weight 350g Package Size 20L x 20W x 20H cm Package 1 x Headphone
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