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About 40 Inch Portable Tripod Mount Stand For Camera Camcorder is available now from our UK warehouse Free shipping to UK in 3-6 business days ship to other European countries in 7-10 days WT3110A 40 Inch Aluminum Tripod Stand For Camera DSLR Camcorder Features : Making your tripod perfectly level Ideal for outdoor, travel and timer shoots Easy to set up and store (Just needs a few seconds) Built-in bubble level 360 horizontal and 90 vertical swivel with 3-way head Solid Safety 4 Section Aluminum Legs with Non-Slip Feet, Quick release leg lock Grip for adjusting head position Lightweight and portable Compatible with all Cameras and Camcorders If you want take photo with cellphone by this product, you should buy more SKU206669. Descriptions : Net weight 1 Lbs Maximum height 41.73 inch Minimum height 13.78 inch Folded length 13.97 inch Package weight 434g Maximum tripod Load 2.5 lbs Max load capacity up to 2.5 Lbs Panhead 3 way, 360 degree swivel Platform quick-release photo/video System quick-release flip Leg Locking Material double stage aluminum alloy Compact & slim size when folded 17 inch tall Height adjustable operate Min 13 inch - Max 41 inch Solid Safety 4 section aluminum legs with non-slip feet Package Included : 1 x 40 inch aluminum tripod 1 x Nylon carrying case with shoulder strap
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