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MR. APRIL THE MASTER (FOR A MONTH):Boone Cagney. When irresistible Lucy Dolan cried pitifully about her trapped three-year old, how was the hunky fire fighter to know she was talking about her… cat? Now he's spending his days – and his nights – with both of them… .THE SLAVE (FOR A MONTH):Lucy Dolan. When Boone rescued Mack from the jaws of death, Lucy decided it was payback time.THE DEBT: Lucy has to service Boone for thirty days only – if he can bear to let her go at the end of them. After all, good help is so hard to find… .MAN OF THE MONTH: He'd sworn to go it alone. So what was it about this woman – and her ornery black feline – that had Boone thinking about the family plan?

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