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This investigation aimed to explore the antioxidant potential of date fruit extract using butter as an oxidation substrate on the basis of certain instrumental, orthodox analytical techniques and sensory characteristics. The objectives of this study were to characterize the date extract for polyphenolic compounds, free radical scavenging activity and inhibition of nitric oxide macromolecules and to study the effect of various concentrations of the date palm extract on oxidative stability and sensory characteristics. The butter was added with date palm extract and compared with a control, stored at refrigeration and ambient temperature during winter months for 90-days at the interval of 30-days. Supplementation of butters with date palm fruit extract revealed a significant effect on inhibition of peroxide, anisidine and iodine values. Sensory evaluation of supplemented butter added with various concentrations of date palm extract stored revealed the effect of treatments, storage period and their interaction to be significant. The results indicate that ethanolic date palm extract can be used as natural antioxidant source for the long term storage of butter at ambient temperature.

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