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From the world's most informed business sources... a new language course for tomorrow's business leaders. MARKET LEADER: PRE-INTERMEDIATE is part of a distinctive, five-level business English course. Drawing on the extensive media assets of the Financial Times and other sources, the course offers a highly authoritative and flexible range of materials for business English learners worldwide. MARKET LEADER: PRE-INTERMEDIATE: PRACTICE FILE consolidates and extends the Course Book, and includes exercises which follow the format of the Cambridge ВЕС exams. The Practice File includes: - New and updated - Language Work (grammar, vocabulary and writing). - New and updated - Talk Business (pronunciation plus "survival" English). - New and updated - CD material for Talk Business (also available on cassette). The enclosed audio CD accompanies the Talk Business section, and is also available on cassette. MARKET LEADER delivers a complete teaching solution for the business English classroom - the videos, tests and specialist titles enable teachers to tailor the course to the specific needs of their students.
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