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In this suspenseful, romantic thriller, one woman longs to feel alive--in every possible way. . . You Live, You Love-- Naomi Gaffney was only eight-years-old the day they found her Momma's body--and a part of her died too. Then the police took her daddy away. It wasn't enough that he was already one of the most hated men in Eden, North Carolina. Now he was also labeled a murderer. Twenty-one years later, Naomi's father remains in jail, and she's still not sure if he's guilty of a crime of passion, or if he's simply an innocent victim of southern justice. In fact, there isn't much Naomi is sure about these days. . . And If You're Smart, You Learn. . . Raised by a cruel aunt, Naomi married young to escape her bitter household. But all she got was more heartache with her controlling husband. She knows she's too smart and pretty to waste away in a dead small town. Naomi yearns to feel alive once again. Her childhood taught her that adultery can be deadly, but when a handsome young man offers her everything she craves, Naomi finds that some lessons are more easily learned than others. . . Praise for Love Don't Come Easy "A quick, entertaining read that is poetic."--The Rawsistaz Reviewers Alex Hairston was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a former U.S. Naval Hospital Corpsman and graduate of the Johnston School of Practical Nursing, and is currently employed as a Home Health Nurse. Alex also mentors students from Baltimo...
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