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NorthStar, now in its third edition, motivates students to achieve their academic as well as personal goals. NorthStar continues to provide an integrated approach in five levels, with two complementary strands: Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking. What is special about the third edition? NEW THEMES and UPDATED CONTENT - presented in a variety of genres, including literature and lectures, and in authentic reading and listening selections - challenge and engage students intellectually. ENHANCED FOCUS ON ACADEMIC SKILLS, such as organizing, inferencing, synthesizing, and note taking, and more purposeful integration of critical thinking activities, prepare students for success in the classroom In the Listening and Speaking strand, a structured approach leads students to organize and produce an integrated oral presentation, debate, interview, or role play. In the Reading and Writing strand, a new, fully integrated writing section leads students step-by-step through a meaningful academic writing assignment. In the Teacher's Manual, all new Unit Achievement Tests are designed to confirm progress and improve scores on standardized tests. A NEW DESIGN with full color pages, more photos, illustrations, and graphic organizers fosters student engagement and makes the content and activities come alive.
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