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The retrospective of OLeg Kudryashov works in London has been Long overdue and it is more exciting that it is happening in the year of Oleg's 80th birthday. The curators of the exhibition wouLd Like to thank all those people who made it possible for it to happen. First of all Crisis and Mick Bateman, who runs the Bermondsey Project, not only for providing the space in the gallery but for their encouragement and help during the exhibition preparation. Our special thanks go to Hans-Ulrich Obrist, a Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects at the Serpentine Gallery, London for allowing us to use his recent interview with the artist in this catalogue. Without his planning it, this gave a necessary impetus for our exhibition. The idea of the exhibition was first put forward about three years ago. It would not have happened without motivation and support from our friends. We would like to thank Igor Golomstock, the prominent art historian who was the first to write a book on Oleg Kudryashov. This is now available as an Apple iBook. Also Ksenia Bezmenova, a leading graphic art specialist of the Pushkin Fine Art Museum in Moscow. OLeg's art is now finding its way into important Russian private collections and our thanks go to Valery Dudakov, Ildar Galeev and Alexander Kuznetsov for encouragement and advice over these years and to all other collectors and friends. We would also like to express our gratitude to the London Collectors Club, Art Mos...

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