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Color: Black + White - Quantity: 1 - Material: ABS plastic - It's simple to use just several steps remove dents without damaging the surface of your car. - Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts - Unique design of arched dent pulling bridge eliminates the chance for additional damage - The kit guarantees dent without messy sticky residue other systems are known to left behind - Repairs dent in almost any place on any vehicle - Instructions: - Using the soft cloth to clear the dent areas - Plug in the glue gun and insert the glue sticks and squeeze the trigger until the glue stick entered - Choose one suitable dent removal stems - When the glue gun heated for 3~5 minutes squeeze the trigger and let the melted glue to cover the tab of dent removal stem fully - Put the glue-covered dent removal stem to the center of the dent area pushing slightly until the stem fixed tightly and waiting for about 5~8 minutes - Put the dent pulling bridge on right place let the dent removal stem go through the central hole of the bridge and twist the wingnut on the dent removal stem twisting slowly until the dent has been removed - Tap down any high areas you may have caused - After the dent removed twist down the wingnut taking off the dent pulling bridge then take off the removal stem (If any glue left on the car surface peel it off) - Caution: - The ideal temperature is 18~35'C - Do not use your hand to touch the glue gun nozzle and melted glue - If there is paint break in the dent areas please do not use this kit to repair; If not may cause the paint falls - Some dents should be moved completely by repeating several times (Noted: Not all dens can be removed 100% by this tool) - If the glue is difficult to remove from the car surface using alcohol to clean it - For big size dent you may repeat the dent removal steps several times: Repeat the dent removal steps circling from the outer to the center. - Packing list: - 1 x Glue gun - 2 x Hot melting glue sticks - 1 x Dent pulling bridge - 3 x Pulling pads (Diameter is 23mm / 26mm / 29mm) - 1 x Wingnut - 1 x Hitting stick

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