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Growing urbanization and developmental projects and buildings in the city has promoted the need for sand and there by excavation. Sand excavation is an important pull factor, especially, for young people who migrate to cities out of poverty. This occupation contributes as an important pull factor for the circular migration from the nearby villages to metro cities. Many people are engaged in such occupation in the creeks in Mumbai. Majority of them are tribals who have migrated from nearby district of Thane. Among many hazardous jobs, sand excavation is hazardous and difficult to perform. As these people are exposed to hazardous job and poor living condition, theyare vulnerable to various health problems; injuries and illness. Excessive exposure to depth of water causes various health problems among the workers who go deep in the water. These workers may suffer from bleeding from ear, nose and mouth, deafness, injuries to the various body parts. Sometime, it could also lead to death of workers. This is study done to understand the health status and utilization of health care services of these people who are engaged in such hazardous job of sand excavation in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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