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Cambridge Global English is an exciting, eight-stage, language-rich English course, taking learners from the beginning of primary through the first two years of junior secondary. It was developed to provide comprehensive support for learners of English as a Second Language worldwide. The course takes an active, creative, "learning to learn" approach that teaches learners to communicate clearly and fluently in English. Learners explore a fascinating range of cross-curricular topics, develop critical thinking skills and build their English language literacy through a wide variety of curriculum-based activities. The course follows the Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 English as a Second Language (ESL) Curriculum Frameworks: part of a world-class teaching programme developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge International Examinations. The Activity Book (for learners aged 5 to 6) contains: 54 lessons, each clearly mapped to each lesson in the Learner's Book; additional language skills practice activities to consolidate learning; opportunities for learning through personalisation and creativity; a variety of exercises, games and puzzles for class and homework; a quiz to assess learning at the end of each unit; guidance and support with handwriting; writing tips giving useful reminders; word boxes highlighting key vocabulary; challenge features to extend and develop knowledge or for differentiated learning; CEFR Level: towards A1.

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