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Your Pregnancy Companion is an informative and reassuring guide to pregnancy, birth and the first weeks with your baby. Full of the latest essential information and expert advice, it will help you to prepare yourself for motherhood and give your baby the best start in life. Zita also includes her own unique methods and advice which make her so successful with her clients’ pregnancies, such as relaxation techniques to prepare for birth, simple Mind-Body-Baby exercises to start bonding with your baby during pregnancy, and information on nutrition to help control morning sickness, sleep well and feel more energetic. Your Pregnancy Companion includes: · Stage-by-stage photographs of your developing baby · What to eat to stay healthy and help your baby develop · What to expect from antenatal care · How to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the birth · Information on genetics · Sections for expectant dads and preparing for fatherhood · Specific advice for mothers who have had IVF, have a higher risk pregnancy or who are expecting twins · Q&A sections to answer common questions and concerns · Essential advice to help you through the first weeks of parenthood, including breast- and bottle-feeding, promoting good sleep, keeping your baby clean and comfortable, ‘baby blues’/ PND, understanding your baby’s cries and having fun with your baby This is the perfect companion to help you prepare yourself physically and mentally for the most incredible and unique time in your life.

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