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qhe 3 in 1 usb 2 0 hub 3 port usb hub with sd tf mico sd card reader купить по лучшей цене

This ULT-unite USB Type-C Hub can effectively expand your computer's connectivity and functionality with the USB 3.0 hub for ultimate flexibility, providing you with great convenience for both work or daily life. Besides, it can make your desktop or laptop clean and neat. Multifunctional Multiport HUB 5 in 1 USB Type-C hub includes 3 USB 3.0 ports, one SD Card Reader and one Micro SD (TF) Card Reader, providing you with high speed data transfer rate. Plug and Play Needs no external software drivers or additional power source, just plug and play, quite convenient! LED Backlit Design Convenient to use and make it more attractive. User-friendly Reversible Connector Allows you to connect the hub to your devices in any direction. Lightweight & Portable Provides well portability and convenience. Easy to carry around with you. Specifications Brand ULT-unite Material ABS IC GL3520+GL3233 Interface USB 3.0 x 3+ SD/ Micro SD Card Reader Color Black Product Weight 100g Cable Length 15cm Package Contents1x USB-C Hub 1x DC Power Cable
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