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Every person who rides in a motor vehicle of any kind may well become involved in a road rage incident. Yes, that means every person—doctor, lawyer, teacher, construction worker, minister, every man woman, and child. The road rage epidemic has no limitations.Fasten your seat belts for this book will take you on an enlightening, at times frightening ride through the direct causes and results of road rage. The writing explicitly points out five levels of roadway violence.The book’s ultimate goals are: (1) to meet thoughtfully the problems emanating from the epidemic, (2) to understand the best strategies for combating the violence, (3) to join in the declaration of war against America’s #1 enemy.There are thirty-five thousand traffic deaths on American roadways every year.There are more than four million injuries from American accidents.Collision costs are exceeding three hundred billion dollars.Lawsuits expenses are astonishing but unattainable because many cases are still pending.Traffic experts know that a large percentage of these devastating statistics can be attributed to road rage. The exact number cannot be ascertained because many people causing the problems flee from the incident scenes.Through head-on revelations, Let’s Declare War on Road Rage will bring the reader face-to-face with road rage incidents that happened in locations around the country. They will be very personalized incidents involving common ordinary people who became involved in situations that led to...
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