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The main objective of this book is to reduce endodontic failure, increase the success rate of endodontic treatment and decrease the percentage of tooth extraction so as to conserve a naturally compromised tooth structure as opposed to having a dental implant. The first study focuses on the possibility of having a filling material which could provide a tight seal with the desired properties. The in Vitro study targeted on elimination of microleakage by measuring the ability of the existing materials to obturate the root canal, 3 dimensionally using different obturation techniques. This was done by correlating the reading using the electrochemical machine and Micro CT Scan. This study adds value to the fact that the currently developed Nano HA based endodontic sealer is being produced locally in Malaysia thereby reducing the cost as compared to its imported counterpart. The third study consisted of testing the possibility of reinforcing over-flared root canal with Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and also illustrated the pattern of root fracture. This development will definitely help economize the treatment thereby providing a good solution for young patients under 18 years of age.

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