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A periodontitis-involved root surface is hypermineralised and non biocompatible because of its adsorbed bacterial toxins; these may promote periodontal breakdown. Scaling and root planning remove bacterial deposits, calculus, and the superficial layers of root surface but lead to production of smear layer. In an attempt to remove the smear layer and demineralize the contaminated root surface, different chemical agents have been used. These agents demineralize the root surface, and expose the dentin collagen matrix. The exposed collagen acts as a substrate that supports the chemotaxis, migration and attachment of cells involved in wound healing and formation of new connective tissue attachment. In the present investigation, SEM was used to evaluate the influence of Citric acid,Tetracycline hydrochloride, EDTA on blood element adhesion to scaled and planed root surface. It was concluded that the application of citric acid on instrumented periodontally diseased roots was better root conditioning agent for the adhesion of the fibrin clot and could prove to be a useful tool in the establishment of a new connective tissue attachment in periodontal regenerative procedures.

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