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This book is a result of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) research at Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies during 2006-08. A kridanta Analyzer system is not only essential for a larger Sanskrit NL system, but is also helpful for self-reading and understanding of Sanskrit texts. The book consists of four chapters. The first chapter titled ‘Computational Morphology and Sanskrit’ discussed Sanskrit and computation, Sanskrit morphology, especially derivational morphology and its importance for the kridanta analysis. The second chapter titled ‘Kridanta in Sanskrit Grammar’ discusses the Paninian system, major characteristic of krt suffixes and kridanta in Hindi grammar. The third chapter titled ‘Kridanta Recognition and Analysis’ describes the lexical resources for analysis of krt suffixes in Sanskrit according to Paninian formalism. The fourth chapter titled ‘Kridanta Recognizer and Analyzer for Sanskrit’ explains the partial implementation of the kridanta analysis system. The Kridanta analyzer system introduced in this book is online on computational linguistics website of Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU (

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